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Feb. 14, 2023

New Construction Homes in Arizona

Are you debating if using a real estate agent in a new construction deal is worthwhile?

Ask yourself these questions

Most builders don’t allow agent to come in the game late, so are you doing it alone? 

The sales agent represents the builder. Who represents you? 

Do you think the sales agent is there to protect their job or you?

Have you looked at all the near by new build communities to compare builders and terms?

Did the base price suck you In and now to get what you want you have to spend 50k-100k in options?

The Builder said they will give me an incentive to not use a realtor is it worth it?

Who is going to do all leg work and keep up with all timelines?

What options that the builder offers are the best bang for your buck?

Was any lot premium cost added, options or packages for certain elevation?

Did you go shopping on a Holiday, rainy day or end of quarter day?

How is the market and surrounding resale area for this investment? 

Are you in peak selling season or not?

Is the community just being started in Phase 1, middle of the road, or selling last spec homes of community?

Are you out of sate and you are just going off the builders and sales person word?

Who checked all the sub-contractors work that the builder hired? 

Did the sales agent ask you your needs and wants, then show you what the other builders offer?

Did you consult some one to look over your choices for resell and appealing to the mases on this large investment?

Did the sales person tell you how valuable an inspection could be?

Is the credit that the lender offered really your best option?

Is the earnest deposit refundable are what is the true cost of your down payment? 

After the design center to they want more money down?

What’s that extra fee in the settlement statement? 

Is the builder assigning sellers fees to the buyer?

Some builders charge for Lot premium and then cost to build. How much more was that lot and was it worth it?

Is a new build your best option? most new build homes in Az come with a blank slate back yard, that cost can really range to get that finished.

What’s the reputation of the builder?

Did you know that 70-80% of new build buyers have an agent represent them, builders calculate agent’s commissions in their budget to sell as many homes as possible to agents? 

Do you understand the contract and what you are signing with deadlines and knowledge that the contract is written to protect the builder?


These are questions a experienced real estate agent should be able to answer!!!

I share this with you as a leg up and give you some insight to the process. Before you sign on the dotted line, be proactive and look at all your available options! It could cost you thousands


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Jan. 30, 2023

How to Compare Offers in Arizona

Not every offer is the same



Therefore, we have compiled a list of factors to take into account while evaluating the offers you receive.



Cash - No contingency - Short close


No Contingencies


1. Conventional loan with +20% down payment

2. Conventional loan with 20% down payment

3. FHA/VA loan

Contingencies​ - Appraisal and Inspection


1. Cash

2. Conventional loan with +20% down payment

3. Conventional loan with 20% down payment

4. FHA/VA loan


Contingencies​ - Home Sale Contingency (Home Listed)


1. Cash

2. Conventional loan with +20% down payment

3. Conventional loan with 20% down payment

4. FHA/VA loan


Contingencies​ - Home Sale Contingency (Home NOT Listed)


1. Cash

2. Conventional loan with +20% down payment

3. Conventional loan with 20% down payment

4. FHA/VA loan


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Jan. 18, 2023

Emerald Grove Assisted Living

Are You Looking for a Great Place for Your Loved One?

Then the caring people at Emerald Grove Assisted Living might be the place for you! My Grandmother resided there for over 5 years. The constant care she needed with Alzheimer's disease was overwhelming for my family, so we started visiting and touring different options. When we knew it was time for full time care the management and setting that Emerald Grove offered was perfect. The location was nice, quite, and easily accessible for the East Valley in Arizona. My Grandmother mover here in 1943 and this was a great place for her to spend her final days. 



The top photo shows me preforming acoustic guitar for the residents of Emerald Grove as a volunteer. They share my passion of country music!


Give Emerald Grove a Call Today for Assistance in Life's Challenging Times. 


Click on the Link Below to Learn More


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Jan. 13, 2023

Curb Appeal In AZ


Looking for Top Dollar? Curb Appeal Matters in Arizona!

These Steps can be tedious but worth it when selling your home in AZ!

Regardless of where you live -  Up North, in the Valley, or down South. Buyers are taking into consideration the amount of maintenance required and the conditions of all these items. Avoid letting some of these small repairs or maintenance items get in the way of a buyer falling in love with you home. 

As always make sure you use the Arizona's Best Husband and Wife Team. Clark and Jessica Smith!


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Dec. 29, 2022

Snow Activities in Arizona

Looking for Snow in Arizona?

We Have you covered!

Arizona might not immediately spring to mind as a place to play in the snow, but if you are in the Southwest at the proper time, you might be able to find some fantastic conditions.

There are several ski resorts with some magnificent mountains in the State's northerner region. Arizona's skiing is reasonably priced. Rates are affordable with excellent discounts for season passes.


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Dec. 29, 2022

First Time Home Buyers in AZ

12 Steps if you are Thinking of Purchasing a Home?

A First Time Home Buyers Checklist

#1 Save your Money

Calculate a reasonable down payment that fits your needs and budget.

Calculate in closing cost, escrow fees, loan fees, Inspection and appraisal fees.


#2 Boost Credit Rating

Pay bills on time.

No big ticket Purchases.

Never cancel credit cards.

Higher credit score equals lower interest rate.


#3 Calculate your Financial Capacity

Look up current mortgage interest rates an online mortgage calculators.


#4 Obtain Mortgage Approval

Search for best offer

Choose a primary lender and a backup lender

For more info visit - Hud/Buying/Booklet.PDF


#5 Decide your Home Needs

Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages for the neighborhoods and schools, and the necessities.


#6 Choose a Real estate Agent

Take your time on this one and make sure you have found a hardworking trustworthy agent.

#1 Complaint from the General Public is Communication with their agent.


#7 Visit Homes

Take Photos of Favorite homes.

Take good Notes and reference Buyer Guide. 

Look at condition of Big Ticket Items. 


#8 Narrow Down Choices

Visit your favorite homes during the night and day to gauge traffic, noise etc..

Drive your work commute on homes you are considering.

Consider resale value, Lot locations and surrounding areas.


#9 Make and Offer

Go over details with your agent.

Common ways to get out of the Contract.

Appraisal comes in lower than mortgage.

Inspection reveals flaws owner will not fix.

You lose your job in escrow.


#10 Schedule a Home Inspection

Find a reputable inspection company.

Experience matters in this situation.


#11 Final Walkthrough

Test all appliances, lights, windows, doors, faucets, drains, and toilets.


#12 Close and Move In 

You made it!

Put all utilities and services in your name.

Shop around for cheaper services.

Sign Final papers and get the keys.

Make memories!






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Dec. 19, 2022

Greater Phoenix Market Update December 2022

Rates, Rates, and More Rates!


Buyers in Arizona

Buyer demand has been more sensitive to mortgage rates than usual, while this is to be expected given the seven rate hikes this year. The normal range of what can be purchased by a household in Greater Phoenix with the average family income is between 60 and 75 percent. Only 22% of that amount was present in the second and third quarters of 2022. Some people believe that it would take years for affordability to recover to a normal range until sales prices declined significantly, but that may not always be the case. Just as rising mortgage rates have pushed affordability back up, declining mortgage rates have the potential to do the same.

If rates rise, prices will need to drop considerably further before they are fully affordable. The best recommendation for buyers is to monitor daily rate changes and stay fully informed about lender and seller incentives so they can be the first to move when the property and the payment are ideal for them.

Sellers in Arizona

Welcome to the official buyer market for Greater Phoenix, which has been weak since 2010. As expected, the city of Phoenix eventually gave in to a buyer's market and declared the entire market to be one by mid-November. (The northeastern communities of Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, and Cave Creek continue to enjoy balanced or mild seller markets.) Market indicators were falling from a competitive seller's market to balance between March and June, but from July to December, the change from balance to a buyer's market was more like a gentle glide.

Expect monthly reporting of negative annual appreciation rates going forward, as each metric will now be compared to the first half of 2022's price data. Even if mortgage rates don't change in 2023, contract activity is expected to keep increasing seasonally, as it does every year. Rate buy-downs will continue to be a major factor in buyer incentives if rates don't decrease. After a drawn-out fourth quarter, sellers should experience increased traffic, fewer days on the market, and serious bidders in the first half of 2023.


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Dec. 12, 2022

Giving Back in Morrison Ranch Gilbert AZ

Are you looking for a fantastic charity to join?



Then Gilbert Arizona has what you are looking for!

Kids around the world has helped family's for years. They create environments where kids can experience hope through a daily meal, a safe place to play, and bible stories. As a result children share their faith at home, with their friends, and mature into young leaders who continue the cycle.





Morrison Ranch in Gilbert Arizona is the Place to be!

Morrison Ranch hosted Kids Around the World. At this master planned, mixed use community they offer a welcoming environment for people of all ages to live, work, play, shop and learn. Thanks so much to the Morrison Ranch community for allowing this event! 




We discovered this event, as well as many others, on Just Serve. We feel as members of Gilbert and surrounding cities that there is no better way to find opportunities to give back. This is a great way to meet people and install the values you want for your future. 





Please get in touch with us if you have any additional questions!

Clark and Jessica Smith


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Dec. 8, 2022

Staging Like a Pro

Top 7 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell Quickly in AZ!

Hyperfocus on the crucial elements. Your goal is to draw attention to the spaces that see the greatest traffic and could potentially sway the buyers decision. 

The 3 features of a house that buyers value the most are:

1 Kitchen

2 Owner Suite

3 Living Room

Having mentioned that, lets get started. 

#1 Curb Appeal from a Buyer's Eyes

Starting from the top down. How does your roof look? Any necessary repairs. How does the gutters and fascia look? Without regular maintenance some parts of the roof might appear particularly weather-beaten in Arizona.

#2 That Kitchen Is Not For Me

This area of the house is frequently ignored. Set a spending limit for this first. Here are your 3 options.

#1 Clean up until it sparkles like a diamond, then get everything up and running.

#2 Minor lipstick, retouch the pain, possibly add a backsplash and replace any damaged and inadequate things.

#3 Renovate! Be careful not to overdo anything and obtain numerous quotes and references for this one as it can be time consuming and expensive. Some contractors promise to complete a task in 3 weeks, yet 3 months later you're still waiting for the project to be finished. Make sure to do some research on who you have helping.

#3 Consider the Best Furniture Placement

Contrary to popular belief, pushing all of the furniture up against the walls won't make a space appear larger. Instead, design your room by removing any furniture that is close to walls to see if its appealing. 

#4 Depersonalize Your Homes

It's hard for interested buyers to see themselves living in your house if all they can see are your personal items. Take down family pictures, you're kids crafts, and any other collections you have around the house.

#5 Shine Up the Bathrooms

Clean all the bathrooms, then scrub them once more. A Filthy bathroom will detour potential buyers more than anything else. Clean out any hard water stains from the faucets, check for mold, and declutter the space by reducing down the number of cosmetics and goods in the vanity and medicine cabinet. Invest in new bathmats, rugs, and shower curtains. 

#6 Create Luxurious Bedrooms

Beginning with the owner suite. Turn your bedroom into a warm and tranquil environment with a well-made bed covered in plush covers. By tucking a large comforter into a softly colored duvet, you may give your bed the plump and fluffy appearance of high end hotels. Use a solid colored duvet and add colors with pillows, throw blankets, and shams. Keep personal items and clutter off of your nightstands. 


#7 Make it Tasteful not Boring 

As you've probably heard before, one of the main principles to homes staging is to keep everything neutral. Often, your personal style does not match that of your ideal customers. In order to draw in as many costumers as possible, you definitely want to employ a color scheme that appeals to everyone but you don't want it to be uninteresting and repulsive.


The list is infinite when it comes to getting top dollar for your house. Instead of being the seller, try to think like the Buyer.

And keep in mind that a home sells for 3 reasons: Price, Condition, and Location. You currently have no control over the location, but you do have control over the other two!

Please get in touch with us if you have any additional questions or would like to learn about our Top 2 recommendations before selling you Arizona home!

Clark and Jessica Smith




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Dec. 6, 2022

Giving Back in Arizona

Is it that special time of year already?

Giving back for the Holidays in Arizona means a lot to my family. When you think of the Holidays do you think of Christmas lights, hot chocolate, spending time with loved ones? It can be easy to be so busy we forget the importance of giving back to our community and those in need during the season. 


5 Great ways to give back during the Holidays in Arizona.


#1 Find a family to sponsor. There are a lot of families out there in need. This year we sponsored a little boy who's family was struggling to provide gifts for their kids through our local Chiropractors office. We got him Harry Potter toys and some clothes. If you would like to go a bit further ask one of these family's if you can buy them a tree and decorate it. That small cost could help a family tremendously.


#2 Food can be a great way to give back. From volunteering at a local food bank, helping out a family with a dinner meal, or even making goody bags for your local women's shelter. We love to get our kids involved with this one. We have helped at local food banks and love making candy bags that the kids create for families.


#3 Event planning can take a tremendous amount of work. Some of the valleys largest employers go all out for Christmas and they need your help! Contact any of them today to see if they need volunteers for their Christmas events. This is also a fun and great way to meet people in your area. 



#4 Take a friend or family to an event or concert. Sometimes just being together and creating memories is all it takes to cheer someone up that could be going through tough times. Give that family member or friend you haven't spoken to in awhile a call and brighten their day.


#5 Giving back to elders. Personally this one is my favorite. I sing and play guitar at a local memory care facility and my wife just signed up to call Bingo balls for their next Bingo game. There are tons of ways you can help out your local hospice of nursing homes.


This list never ends!!


There are countless things you can do to spend your holidays giving back. It is one of the most fulfilling things we can do with our family and it incorporates great values in our children. We love Arizona and the people here!


Happy Holidays From our Family to Yours!


For more ideas please visit

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